Monday, September 28, 2009

Pins and Needles and LOTS of cupcakes

Sunday was PARTY TIME for a bunch of 9 year olds and two little ones and one little brother.

Last minute we got everything ready for another crazy afternoon at our house, decorated with garlands in the kitchen. The table was set with Lillibi plates and napkins - an adorable little mouse you find all over Germany and England, too. Lots of cupcakes and Amerikaner freshly baked and even cheesecake and chocolate cake.

Even the Amerikaner were set on the high counter, Soren was truly a cake thief all morning long, trying more or less successful getting his hands on these yummy cookies until he ended in jail. I meant bed a la crib.

The house did get crazy when the little party guests arrived, my kids went NUTS. Soren was excused still napping and waking up just in time to get the last spot on the coffee table for singing Happy Birthday after all the girls already got their faces painted with swirly swirls on one side and of course a chocolate cupcake on the other cheek.

Bella did have to work hard to blow out all her candles. Just wait until you get to the double digits next year.

While setting up for our little sewing project they were running outside busy with a game and happy to cool off back in the house to start sewing little cupcakes out of felt. And YES, these girls did their own sewing, from threding the needle with tiny holes, to sew a button on top of the icing adding sprinkles ala beads to the icing and a ribbon to the cupcake, the sewed all the pieces togetehr by hand, stuffed it with some batting and did an AWESOME job.

So if these 9 and 7 year old girls can sew little cupcakes in an hour, don't you think you couldsew, too?

THANK YOU Brandi and Heidi for giving the girls and me a hand. It did help out a lot.

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