Wednesday, September 16, 2009

rainy weekend in colors

It was pouring down this weekend. So the kids were stuck inside after it just did not stop raining at all. Soren was all into the foam stickers while Isabell and me got the sewing machines out and lots of colorful fabric.

We cut out lots of triangles to make two long garlands - fabric banners. Chiara helped sewing, too, for a short little while, while Soren kept being nosy. Last night we did the last stitches and just for testing we hung one up in the middle of the kitchen.

Each of the kids picked one fabric for themselves and has one triangle in each banner, the rest are all all crazy fabric we had in our stash. It is nice being able to work on project without going shopping. lol. If I find everything in my chaos.

This is just a snippet of our two long banners each about five yards long.

These are the supplies I gathered about two weeks ago. Besides the flower fabric I had it all already thanks to an inherited box of zippers from my grandmother's sister a long time ago. But it took til this morning until I finally got started with this project which is supposed to be done by Friday evening. I did part of it. Amazingly. But I can't tell you more yet. I hope I did not get myself in more as I can chew of.

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