Sunday, October 4, 2009

a perfect day for a walk in texas

are more words really necessary?

While I go for a walk on the side of the road the kids jump through every puddle, so deep that it goes right in on top of Soren's boots and starts squeaking and they are hiking throughthe ditches over rocks and through bushes. How could we even consider leaving country living with kids like that?

Did I say it was rainy buckets today and yesterday, but as soon as we were back walking in the rain of course the sun came out and the kids were out in shorts and bikinis. Everything was wet anyway. And that's October in Texas!


  1. Sieht nach viel Spass aus - manchmal kann ich es mir selbst fast nicht verkneifen in eine Pfütze zu springen *lol*. Schöne Bilder!

  2. Hello Nicole
    I hope that you have received the mail, which I am grateful for the fine things you have sent me.
    Sincerely, Lene



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