Friday, October 9, 2009

a little bit of sewing - birthday crown

Well, I got something done on time. Even a little bit early, because it is not even November yet. I amde Chiara a birthday crown. She doesn't know.  Bella got a peek while it was in pieces and Soren of course knows, but he won't tell.

It is made out of felt with some stabilizer, some buttons for decorations and elastic in the back, covered with fabric. It was a first try.

Soren of course was also good sports to test out the sizing, because I can't show Chiara if it is supposed to be a surprise!

My little helper is actually pretty good lately, beside making a mess - lol - he is all into foam stickers, but today he got into BEANS. Big ones, little ones, white ones, black ones, red ones and green split peas - all for his indoor sand box which he turned in a "creative" cooking experience.

But what are you supposed to do at rainy weather?

1 comment:

  1. I love Soren in the diaper and the apron. He is so stinkin cute!
    The crown looks great!



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