Monday, October 26, 2009

a little bit more rain after a sunny weekend

It is raining. Again. Which is perfectly fine. Soren is flying his rescue helicopter throught the house with the dinosaurier attached - the dino is bigger as the helicopter. The washing machine is runningm the dishes are clean, but of course there is still lots more to do. I even found the picture of the falloween costume yesterday, I just never copied the description - what was I thinking - not much, obviously. But we should manage. It is "just" a Halloween costume worn in the darkness of the night and my not speaking tod won't be complaining. His sisters will be ignored if they should voice anything else besides approval for the yet non existing costume.
I guess it time to start digging for the fabric while cleaning up the garage.

By the waym ut was not raining yesterday, just cloudy, but not enough that we did not look for the shade of the trees after a while in the sun in the Silo Christmas Tree Farm close to Temple.

The kids had fun to dress the farmers, going on a hayride, the kiddie train, through a little maze, letting the ducks race, hopping and jumping in the hay, playing teether ball and in the petting zoo. There were a few pumpkins around, too. *lol* But we skipped the pumpkin painting - I don't really want the wet paint anywhere in the car.

Did I mention we had another yummy picknick with Rhianna's soft chocolate chip cookies and Tina's fresh cake filled with pecans . These are just the dessert after the sandwiches and veggies and dips. We could have said no to the bees.

Just one tip for future visits: If you bring a not napping strong willed toddler who loves animals more as anything besides food. Pay for the petting zoo right at the beginning and stay there the whole time while sending another adult of with the rest of the kids for the other activities.

More pictures of this small session you can find HERE.


  1. I really love that last picture of Soren. So cute!!

  2. Schöne Fotos - wie immer! Mit dem letzten Foto hast du mich etwas in Verwirrung gebracht - aber ich habs noch geschnallt das es eins aus GER ist (allerdings Stunden später *lol*)



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