Friday, October 9, 2009

Burrito Roll good enough to EAT

For a few weeks we are spending every Saturday morning on the soccer field watching Chiara and mostly Soren, too, learning soccer. Our trunk is field by now with ride on toys, scooter, chairs, water bottles, books, toys, blanket, ...... to keep the rest busy while waiting on Chiara. One Saturday you are truly overdressed when you put a jeans on here, last Saturday Bella got cold with just short sleeves, so we put the quilt to good use and just rolled her in like a burrito to keep her warm. What ever works.

Not only she got cold also two tiny kittens one of the coaches just picked up from a lady from the road and we got to watch during the training who just loved snuggling inside the blanket. The kids loved their job and were busy from minute one till .... they never wanted to give them back. Figure that.

- Soren is actually really gentle to the little ones. -

Oh yeah, we were there for the soccer practise, so here's a picture from it, too. LOL.

- The coach is one the bottom of the pile up. LOL -

1 comment:

  1. Sicher das es Fussball und nicht Football ist?!?! Bei uns liegen die Spieler nicht so auf dem Haufen *lol*



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