Thursday, October 8, 2009

Audrey's goats and my gras

Every couple weeks my lawn mower and me have a few more less and more serious discussions and arguments with each other, for sure every time we do have misunderstandings and these are usually not as simple as "I need more gas!". But in the end, a few square inches of our "rented" yard  are mowed. Sometimes I am trult tempted just to take a pair of scissors, to get that tiny success.

A few more weeks and I will support Leland with his effort in mowing the yard but until then Soren and me are tackling with united effort. Because he is VERY interested in our ridicolous stubborn lawn mower, so he is following me until he is getting side tracked which will happen eventually because we do spend hours outside. Cutting gras, figuring out what's wrong with the dqrn lawn mower, checking on the kids and "cursing in every language I know".

- before -

I  have no clue how big the yard is, but truly big enough to keep Audrey's goats. Which she suggested several times to help me out to keep my gras short. I am not a big goat fan in  my yard, but considering the love to my lawn mower, I probably would go with the Audreys goats by now if there would be fence and my landlords would mind. But it's a long way for those little goats to come to our house from Oklahoma.

- Soren, my little helper -

- after -

What you see on the picture was the result of our day's work, finally finished when the girls came from school, played with Soren in the backyard, caught a frog and turned my ipod up (this does help tremedously) and finish this side of the yard.

----> 2/3 of the yard done minus the ditches and the hill.  But now I am truly out of gas.

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  1. Ich kann in 4 Wochen mal das Rasenmähen übernehmen ;-) oder du leihst dir mal Heidis Minizoo - da wär der Weg nicht allzu weit *lol*



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