Saturday, October 24, 2009

i know i have it saved somewhere

i seriously do and i am searching for it. the halloween pattern for soren's costume. if found the perfect costume for him. i knew it when i saw it  and he just proved it to me all the last months. even leland loves the idea and that means something because usually he doesn;t care too much about these things. okay he woukd mind if i dress his littloe big boy up in all pink for halloween, but doesn;t that happen in our house on a daily basis anyway. lol. so, now i am digging through all my summer pictures to fin d the two pictures i took, one with the cistume and one with the description on how to sew least i already have the pattern on hand which i copied out of the burda magazine. but have a look what i found instead and for sure didn't post yet.

- Karin summer 2009 -

- Soren summer 2009 -

- Karin & Chiara summer 2009  unedited photo -

chiara's last soccer got moved to noon today and my schedule for today is a little bit messed up because the time for soren's nap is just missing. i have the feeling we all will suffer for it and get to feel the terrible two's today. onthe other side it was nice being home this morning and having an extra hour trying to get something done , but half the time is already over just by searching for now. so i will keep looking otherwise we need a last second costume for soren, because we really only have girly girly costumes in our halloween box for now.

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  1. Oh da fällt mir ein - ich hab sie mir noch gar nicht bei deiner Mom geholt. Egal - jetzt warte ich die paar Tage auch noch und nehm sie bei dir mit! Sind toll geworden - VIELEN DANK!!!!



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