Sunday, October 11, 2009


Well, I started a new  project. And now I am stuck.

For the last projects I pretty much used only supplies I already had. A few single ones found it's way in my shopping basket, but I have not been in a fabric store for months. Mmmm. Might be time to go. Also it is fun to RECYCLE. Especially to make something new out of something old and to find ways to prevent filling up the trash can. I had fun lately making more reusable party decorations. Saves me also time to go and trying to find the right ones when we have "special" ones right here as long as the kids love them.

Back to today's and yesterday's project. I digged out the few jeans out of my yardsale box and cut them up. Now I am stuck, because I have no more until I have a chance to go finding some more to recycle next week.

But I do like the result so far. It looks like fun.

P.S. If you have any old BLUE jeans, send them my way. We still need to add some more circles.

Now we only already have one problem before it will even be finished. The quilt was supposed to be a picknick blanket and I made the mistake to say that loud, so the kids want to have it, but I already found a new perfect place for it. We will see. First we need to find more jeans.

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  1. Sieht klasse aus - soll ich dir noch ein paar mitbringen? Ich hab noch was auf Lager von meinem Jeans-Rag-Quilt. Da hab ich deiner Mom auch schon was davon abgegeben:::



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