Tuesday, October 27, 2009

not quite halloween yet

Thanks to Nutella, Prego and Nestle we finally made it to collect 4 ! empty glass jars after two weeks. I couldn't believe it, but we suddenly didn't use any glass jars. I already saw our craft idea washing down the drain even we had the orange and black paper and glue all ready, just only two jars until yesterday. So today we finally went to work. This is so easy and fun to do that we truly have to start collecting jars next year a lot early to get to make a few little ghosts, too. The girls already have more ideas.

Here is my running and hiding costume model. I finally got started. In the picture it just in the first stage to see if Soren actually would fit in it and after some candy bribing I finally got  it on him and he took off on me.

Can you guess what he is supposed to be in his not finished costume yet?

Yes, that little sneak ran around for half an hour before I got the costume back of him.


  1. Ich weiss es, ich weiss es!!!! Es wird ein......... ok ich lass mal den anderen den Vorrang, nachem ich zugeschaut habe wie du den Schnitt abgemacht hast. lol

    Schöne Halloween-Gläser!!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pumpkins... I have 3 days left to try to make something like this...lol... thanks for the idea! : )



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