Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Everybody who knows me personally also knows that I am no fan of american bread. The only way I eat it if it is not freshly baked it's toasted. I admit I am spoiled. If you know German bread you know why. There are so many different breads and "Semmeln" or "Broetchen". My kids usually prefer the plain bread here, but they also love it when we bake bread.

Just the smell of freshly baked or still baking bread is heaven and how the taste. Especially when I use one of the few bread mixes that come with me from Germany until we run out and look for a recipe from scratch again.

Until know I kept the bread in wrapped in a plastic bread, but that was just not the best solution. Just in case the bread should ever last for more as three days in would easily start molding and that would be a waste. So I thought about a fabric bread bag. I even found the perfect cotton fabric in my stash. *lol* Leftover fabric of my living room curtains from my very first apartment in Wuerzburg, Germany.

Well, my sizing was a very generous estimate. I easily fit two of my one pounder breads in it.

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