Saturday, January 15, 2011

two started projects are truly not enough

The last week I did not really sew a stitch. I did not have the time nor neither was I really in the mood. It didn't stop me from started several more projects and having a few little ones just waiting to get fixed. But my biggest fixing project is in the works and my laptop is mailed of to repairs. Just because of two little keys not functioning. Perfect timing. Right on the last days before my original warrenty is running out. Now I switch between the old slow desktop PC to get my college work done and printed and Leland's notebook to be able to upload pictures.

- Luckily you don't get to see the stove top -

 Inbetween we did a fixing up job on the house and got a new stove. This old one here is I bet as old as the house. 20 years and counting. Already sparking. Burning everything in the oven in the back and from the bottom and not getting the front baked and it's plainly a mess. It's sitting in the garage now. Until we figure out what to do with it.

After having the new stove sitting in the middle of the kitchen it was still necessary to remove several pieces from the kitchen built-in to get the new one in. That did take some time.

While the previous installer's did a master's job on the 220 plug there is gaping hole in the kitchen wall. Of course curious Antonio has to stick his nose inside and if possible sneak all of himselfl inside if I did not catch him in the last second on his back paw. I had no intention on making a bigger hole just to get the kitten back out.

I let Leland use his carpentry skills to cut and saw and whatever else he had to do to make a dusty mess and to get the new stove fitting in PERFECTLY. We still have an old kitchen, but it is already looking up.

The saw dust and mess is gone again and the kitchen will be open for cooking and baking again as soon as I figure out all these buttons.

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  1. WOW - der neue Ofen sieht klasse aus. The beginning of pimp my kitchen ;-)



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