Wednesday, January 19, 2011

project 2011.#2 - cars beanbag

Soren is home the second day from school because he still had temperature last night. After sleeping in really long he just got up in time to see me zipping up his new beanbag slipcover. He inherited Chiara's Hannah Montana beanbag in all purple tones. It had stains on, so we emptied the beanbag of its filling and washed the cover. Meanwhile I of course had the crazy notion to decide that it just didn't fit in his blue painted room. I had some Cars fabric in my stash and leftover jeans fabric from Bella's cowgirl skirt. So with some more red and some improvisation we made all the fabric last cover the old beanbag. Soren is all smiles and already dragged it back in his room.

I loved that I got to use more fabric out of my stash and didn't need to go shopping neither for fabric nor zipper to get this project done.

- Fabric Stash Reduction -

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