Sunday, January 16, 2011

mugs, rugs, rats, cats, ...

Pictures, pictures, pictures, ...

One of those warm December afternoons we went the opposite directions after school pick up as usual and went out to the Citypark with the little and big friends. Even Brynne came along, we just sent Bella shopping with Dad that afternoon.

Now in January I get to enjoy my Christmas present from Karin. My cup and an adorable mugrug she made. Thank you.  Mugrugs were on my perhabs I will do them someday list, just because they are cute. But I already have one and a very special one, too.

While Chiara and her friend had a sleepover which happened at our house, even I didn't see the girls all evening long and they were asleep BEFORE everybody else in the house, Bella hung out with me - sketching all night long. This morning, too. Soren now, too, but he cut his paper up and his drawings out afterwards. lol

I finally started stitching on one of the smaller projects. Everything was already prepped and cut out since a little while and all we had to dig out was a variety of buttons out of my collection. Perhaps I even get to finish it today after doing laundry. We are not going anywhere it is pouring outside.

Somebody put a stop into my sewing last night after already having his paw all time in between and climbing and jumping all over the table, my lap and between my feet. I guess he had a good reason for it.

It didn't stop these two to join forces and occupy my whole pillow after their nightly dog and cat fight in our bed. They didn't move for anything.


  1. That rug is quite adorable especially the words written on it. Having rugs at home is great aside that it gives us comfort, it also adds beauty on our home.

  2. I´m glad that you like it ;-) Great pics!



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