Thursday, January 20, 2011

just a touch of color

The day is a little gray outside and it is  pretty quiet in the house. Vincenzo is laying on the couch and little Antonio in snuggling next to me. He is all worn out after rowdying through the house and taggling himself up in my sewing machine and thread cone. He is literally obessed with the sewing machine, not just for sleeping.

But he slept in my lap for a while, when I work a some more on a WIP. It has gotten quite big already, but of couse, when I cut big pieces and add them. Figure. I planned on using yellow prints as a touch of color to the comtrast the black and white, but I just didn't find the right ones anywhere I looked, so I changed to red with a few of my most favorite pieces of fabric. I am back to a stop until I found the right fabric for the border, I know what I am looking for, but unfortunately can't dig one out of my blue schrank.

While shopping for xmas present in the Hobbylobby, I came across this book and could just not resist after browsing through it. The girls love the ideas in the book and have a hard time to make up their minds which one to start with. I like the part that I can adjust all the crafts  or just them as ideas to include all three of the kids and can include Soren as well. He is already happy when scissors or paint is included.

Soren is growing like crazy and finally started talking more. Sometimes it is a guesswork to understand what he wants, but he is trying really hard, even that does not stop his independency and curiosity. He is best friend with Antonio and always drags him around. The kitten doesn't mind at all and is all happy and cozy with him, besides the occasionally playfully scratching and biting.

A couple of days ago, Soren, now 3 1/2, came all upset in the kitchen and told me that all his pull-ups are gone. He only used them at bedtime. because nothing can get this kid awake if he doesn't want to. It was late and we do not live right around the corner of a pull-up supply store. He went to bed without and I expected him to be all soaking wet, but had my hopes up for not. I added an extra towel on his sheet and his mattress has a waterproof cover anyway, because often not even the pullup is enough. I talked with him and repeated again and again. Don't pee in your bed.  But in the middle of the night he started crying and woke up on his own to go pee. It worked. At least for one night. The next night he cried again to go pee, but made it through dry. And now after several days he is even sleeping through and no soaked pull-ups, pjs or bedding anymore. Finally. I am all proud of my big boy.

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