Tuesday, January 4, 2011

more as one excuse

The kids went back to school this morning, but it seemd they had a much easier time getting up earlier again as me. I had a real hard time staying awake after dropping the kids off at school and it was just too cold in the house, so snuggling back under the covers just happened to be the best option. A little while later the cats and the puppy joined me in the living room and while Leland and I watched the last episodes off Torchwood from BBC, I got started with cutting the fabric for my first project of the year and even sewed the first strips together until I ran out of white fabric. With the football game going on the telly screen there was no way that I spent all evening on the couch with Leland. Soccer you might get me to watch, football is still a lost cause. Nevertheless I started on the second project of the year, cutting the fabric and piecing it as far as possible until it came to the one missing fabric. Obviously with two started projects needing fabric, does this not allow a trip to the fabric store? 

Now I just need to choose the one color and fabric that just makes these fabrics pop.

1 comment:

  1. therefor is no excuse needed..... you are absolutly in need of those two missing fabrics. So jetzt hoffe der Satz macht sense - lol!



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