Friday, January 1, 2010

The last hours from 2009 and Art a la Fingerprints

Hours before the years ended, the girls and Leland went to the theatre. Soren was stuck with me. Literally. For once he was not happy being left behind and he was glued to me. So after Isabell couldn't make up her mind alone how to use a large piece of poster board for any kind of New Years or 2010 decoration, Soren got free hands and made ART in STYLE a la FINGERPRINTS. That's my boy.


Everything kept going all day with fingerprints, also in our New Year's Eve dinner.
Homemade Pizza from scratch in all sizes and all flavors you can imagine.

two cheese pizza
cheesy pepperoni ham pizza
pizza hawaii
pizza fajita
pizza with tomato pesto and tomatoes, onoion, ...
bbq pizza

We were stuffed by the time we all settled down to watch part VI of Starwars.

With a full moon blanket, thick jackets prepped the kids were ready for the firework to start and the new year.


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