Friday, January 8, 2010

Toddler Backpack - Prototype

Since before Christmas  I wanted to make a backpack for Soren, because he LOVES bags. He always finds a bag to drag around and pretty often wants to take a bag with him when we leave the house and grabs the nearest one he can find which  most of the time is PINK. Leland has a problem with ALL THE PINK and his boy.  And I, I was taking pictures. LOL.

Pst ... don't tell Leland I posted this again.
Proud as can be.

So I was looking for a matter and found one, cut up one of Daddy's old uniforms and got started, but I did not like the pattern. I didn't even sew one stitch. Then two days ago I finally had an idea about a simple backpack similiar to the pink/purple - here we go again - Dora backpack Chiara had once. I finally figured out how to make it and started on a prototype. I am not a prototype person, I want usable results right away, but here I had no choice because it needs to perfect at the end - at least as good or as cute as possible.

Here it is.

Now further suggestions are :

to shorten it for Soren a little and add velcro as a closure
use a contrast color for the flap
use applique for example his name
if i use uniforms as material I have old name tags from dad

Bella already wants one bigger
with a front pocket added
perhaps a big button as closure


  1. Okay, hilarious picture! But the backpack you made it classic, good job! I think you should make one out of the uniform, that would be a cherished memento his whole life!

  2. Die sind ja süss geworden!!!! Hihihi ich weiss wann und wo du den Spaceship-Stoff gekauft hast ;-). Gibt denn Sören das mit dem Pink immer noch nicht auf...... seufz! *LOL*



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