Friday, January 8, 2010

Spacehip Backpack

I have this adorable fabric since a few months in my blue Schrank which is filled from top to bottom with fabric, but not so much boys fabric. So when I came across this one I could not resist to get some for Soren, but for what?

So today I went into the garage where now my blue Schrank is placed since we moved into this rental at freezing temperatures - 21 degress F, at that in freaking TEXAS. But at least the Schrank and fabric is organized by now.

The fabric was sitting out next to me even I knew I wanted to make him now a backpack from yesterdays prototype with a little bit finetuning in the sewing department. But I got sidetracked with worked on an UFO which is always good to do, a burned out light bulb of my sewing machine - it is truly weird sewing in the dark - and car shopping/looking.

But dinner didn't get done until this little backpack was done.


  1. I used this fabric just a couple o days ago in a Quillow!!!

    I also did a Toddler Backpack, but without a flap, instead I made front pocket. Yours is really cute too!!

  2. Very cute! I love the pink bags too!



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