Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A TINY little New Year's Gift

The girls have Sunday school on Wednesday night. Yes, we still call it Sunday school, because I just can't remember the other name for it. They want to bring a New Year's gift for their teachers. I have to admit we didn't manage the xmas presents for them, because I thought there was another class left. So we switched to HAPPY NEW YEAR's Gifts. It's always nice to get a little something. I have two girls in two classes, but there are five teachers and teacher's helpers for a maximum of 12 kids. The should seriously keep that ratio up in school.

We made TIN CAN presents. BIG ones, small ones and tiny ones. It depended on the size of tin cans I stacked up in my pantry. Even I had this idea for longer in mind I usually didn't get the ones with the snap lids one. They are more pricey - usually. I also invested in a safety can opener which we truly love by now, it just doesn't cut the top of the lid, but also keeps Soren's hands safe from being cut because he has his hands everywhere especially where they are not supposed to be.

When I used snap lid cans for cooking I opened them with the safety can opener from the bottom, so the top would stay intact. Washed them out well and just stored them.

Bella picked her "New Year's" scrap paper with fireworks on and some flowery one and we cut a strip wide enough to fit from the top to the bottom off the can and long enough to wrap around. I glued one side of the paper on the the can, wrapped it around, let it overlap a little and glued it down.

With the left over paper we cut out circles to fit on the lid (right now the bottom of the open can) to cover up the prints or just for decorations. We only left a little opening to be able to slide it in under the snap and glued it down.

Then came the sweet part. We filled it up with candy. This time, because I might use it for wrapping up other things, too, with enough tissue paper to keep them safe inside.

I added glue on the edge of the cut off lid, trying to make sure none was sticking on the bottom and pressed it back on the can. Turned it upside down and added a regular can, filled, heavy, on top to keep some weight on it while it was drying.

From the last scraps of paper we cut out labels and attached them with some ribbon.

I am no scrapbook person, I try ones a while, but I am sure you can come up with more ideas for decorations. This was Bella's and my first try, now we need to collect cans again.

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