Tuesday, January 5, 2010

gone in 3 minutes - apple chips

somehow this post published in front of my eyes without even having words yet - totally empty - but it pretty much fits to the empty bowl standing right here. EMPTY. totally empty. nothing left. all gone  and that within minutes. BUT they were good.

Back to the beginning. LOL.

I keep adding recipes here, because for once at the end of the year I have a collection of our favorite family recipes of the year. If I try to put them in a folder in the house in will disappear in nirvana, I know that for sure or I have to keep digging out links and books and magazines and just don't find them again. At then end I still can print them out all at once to keep if I should decide.

Soren and I brought a a bag of apples home today in addition to all the ones we already have because of course there is no apple tree in this yard here. We really want an apple tree. Someday perhaps in our own yard if it actually would grow in the heat here.
We decided to make apple chips. The ones we bought the day before as snack were so overloaded with sugar that we made them ourselves today. We cut the apples in rings, loaded them onto the dehydrator sprinkled them with cinnamon and very little bit of sugar/splenda. And then it took hours. SIX to be exact.

Six hours later we had these. And Soren was right next to me. Sampling.

It took us 20 minutes to get the apples ready (includes little hands in between), 6 hours to wait and about three minutes to eat them up. Is it really worth it???

Well, the next batch is in the making, because the girls didn't even get one single one. Mmmm. They were already in bed. And they are yummy.

 And it's really fun to peak through the rings, too!


  1. Wir machen das mit den Zwetschgen, die sind dann auch gut als "süsser" Snack. Die Apfelringe tauche ich meist noch in Schokolade - schliesslich braucht mein Hüftgold auch Nahrung *lol*



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