Friday, January 1, 2010

first stitches of 2010 - s.i.m.p.l.e.

I wanted to sew something. A few days ago. Getting started, but there was no time for it. And I was not set with a design yet neither. Something simple, but cute. Girly cute. With Pink. No ruffles.

I started digging in my stash and got two pink fabrics out. A lot of pink already. A little bit of white and then WHAT? Mmmh. I am short of brown fabric lately. But I came across some batik fabric in brown with dots that found its way in my stash on our last trip to Roundrock.

With Soren's help more or less after cutting, we pinned some squares together while he was sitting like a little monkey on the back of my chair - just to let you know he is pinning all kinds of hair clips in my hair while I am typing right here.

And a little while later before the kitchen was back in use this little quilt top was done.

Well, I said simple before, didn't I.

As always having it finished as a quilt is another story, but there are 364 more days in the year of 2010.


  1. Oh how cute, I got excited when I saw the agua and brown I have a FQ of that fabric in my stash.....:)
    Sometimes you just need to sew....

  2. Sieht toll aus!!! Und den braunen mit Türkis hab ich gestern erst (oder schon!!!) gebügelt. LOL



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