Monday, May 30, 2011

weekend wonders

We were busy this weekend. Actually nonstop. Saturday under the kids supervision I started some sewing. I got pretty far, but it's not yet finished . Afterwards we went  to the hardware store and got all set up with fencing supplies, because on Sunday it's simply closed. Then we went pool shopping because it is getting really hot here. The kids are ectatic.  And still can't believe it, even after working all Sunday afternoon and evening setting it up. Preventing having it flying away before there was water inside. The wind here is plain crazy.  And after we four - Soren included  - did really managed to set the pool up, Bella and me even built the fence including installed gate around the pool just in time before we ran totally out of light. We need to do some more finetuning and to built the big ladder for the pool, because the old one would drown in the pool. lol. 

However I have a hand full of blisters and promise the kids a day at Austin's Park. Since today was the first Monday since a long time we had off and could get in a for half price (Thanks to Mondays's Military Discount) we finally went. The kids had a blast. From spinning in the tea cups, riding in the spray boats until we were soaking wet, rock climbing, mini golf, ... and even trying out gokarts. The girls did great driving the gokarts. Soren was already tall enough for driving a jr gokart, but I did not trust his driving skills yet, so I had no choice as team up with him and go on my first ever round in a gokart, too.

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  1. Na jetzt kann der Urlaub beginnen - lol! Wahnsinn, dass ihr das alles noch am Sonntag geschafft habt! Austin Park sieht nach fun aus - hmmmm entweder muss Soren das Minigolfen noch üben oder es sind schon die Ansätze für Baseball - hihihi!



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