Monday, May 16, 2011

tutti i colori - fabric dyeing

It was my mom's idea. A few years ago. Dyeing in bags with no mess. That was the original idea.
Finally in 2011 she had to come to visit us here in Texas to try it out. All set with Procion MX Fiber Reactive Cold Water Dyes, soda ash, salt, ziplock bags, rubbergloves, flower pots, .... we got actually started today after I cleaned the garage of my mess.

It is really not difficult to mix up the paints when everything is set up and ready, and the bright colors that are developing are just amazing. I love colors.

Even just seeing how the paint is seeping into fabric without kneading it yet is so much fun.

We kept it simple. Plain colors. Just mixed green to all the primary ones and added two fat quarter sized pices of different fabric to each color. Bella snagged my camera to snap pictures even she would have loved to help mixing in the fabric. The first time, however, we kept the mess and splatters on us including our hands even we wore gloves. A mess we made anyway after two ziplock bags malfunctioned on the bottom, but it still worked out.

Now the fabric is soaking in its paint bath till the morning and we will see how it turns out. It is tempting to check earlier, but daylight will be better. The clothing line is already set up tied tp the biggest tree in the yard, waiting for the fabric in all the colors.


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  1. Sieht toll aus!! Ich auch mitmachen will :-(



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