Saturday, May 21, 2011

just today

Doesn't Soren look like he actually can play? He just snug the guitar from Chiara to  be a copycat because all three of the kids had to show of to Oma that we have enough guitars in the house and that they know a little from Daddy.

My mom is packing up already again and we will head to the airport eraly in the tomorrow morning, but we took the time to take pictures two sets of painted fabric folded and ironed nicely.   

There are still some more pots with seedlings between our bushes in the shade, by now also a few more of them planted, however they truly need more time to grow. Meanwhile the two bog tomato plants each have their first tomato reddening, two tiny cucumber plants are blooming, but we have four peaches growing with a few leaves on the peach tree and one pomergranate. And more and more peas growing.

1 comment:

  1. Die Stoffe sehen einfach Klasse aus! Und zum Gemüse...... lol da komm ich gerade rechtzeitig zur Ernte - lol ;-)



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