Saturday, May 14, 2011

blue dinosaur :: backpack :: trinket pouch

Since the busy weekend  is over there actually was some time again. My mom enjoyed the possiblities to check out the craft and quilt stores here in the States. She would love to pack the Hobbylobby in her luggage just the way it is. :).  The ladies at the local quilt store already know her by now, because I stop by with her at every visit and next month I will with Karin, too. They are really sweet and you are always get told stories about their experiences and trips to Germany or current projects. And we found time to sew. Most of out little project are just no finsihed yet, because they just need the little snap still  to close - but that will be done in a snap you will see.
During our BIG storm we luckily kept power not like everybody here and it only flooded the backyard and caused rivers running right and left running downhill filling up our ditches high and turning everything in mudpies deep.
But we lucked out and stayed dry inside and it was perfect for sewing Soren's blue dino backpack I intended on making for such a long time and just never had enough motivation.

It took a moment to figure out the zipper pocket but it's actually really easy with drawstring backpack tutorial from Noodlehead. I love her blog.

But no little boy can have a backpack without a little trinket pouch fitting to it.

This is one of the project I still need to add a snap to it which luckily arrived late last night. Now I only need to dig up a small carabiner hook, I know we still have one in the house. The stores I look where out and next time I simple use a swivel clip stolen from a dog leash from the dollar store right away - it's impossible to find these in the right size locally here either.

But all that's important is that there is the BLUE DINO on top of the backpack.

Photos of our little flood just CLICK.

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  1. Suessssss!!!! Zum Karabiner - bei uns gibts die in den Baumärkten. Schau doch mal in den "Männerladen" wo du die Farbe für Chiaras Schreibtisch gekauft hast.



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