Tuesday, May 17, 2011

flying in the wind

An old neighbor called it "brightening up the neighborhood".


We thought more of save keeping yesterdays bagged and dyed fabric from our crazy dog who can jump really high. So after rinsing out the dye we dried the fabric on the clothes line and let it fly in the wind. The colors turned lighter with drying. I loved sitting outside just seeing it.

After dinner I went back in my 'Hexenkueche' (sorcerer's workshop) and Bella turned into a sorcerer's apprentice in creating new colors and dying more fabric with pattern and without usinf plain white, pink or blue.

Tomorrow we will see again how they turn out.

Before we started all this sorcerer business we did some real sewing we fabric from the stash. Just the snaps are new to close and yes, there are hundreds of possible uses for snaps if you just start thinking of where you might could add one.

I made the Americana version of this wallet after a tutorial from Noodlehead again. I changed the size a little to fit it more for ITS purpose. It is leaving the country and so I stayed with the American theme and used a cute flag fabric as lining.

The new Quilts & More magazine had this little pattern for a camera bag. My camera seriously won't fit in here. No chance. However it is such a cute bag that we find good use for it nevertheless.

Take a close look at the closure. Another snap. Even engraved. These snaps work so well and are so much easier to install as the metal snaps or even velcro. My girls already can do and Soren loves to sort them buy color and motive. Isn't the flower cute and fitting perfect. Wait until yo get to see a ooga booga snap, we got today after we were not supposed to receive the flower ones.

The first part of my new summer bag is finished. Made with linen and a selection of bright colored strips. Inside I added a keyring to be able to clip my keys on. I search my keys ALL the time, so since a while I have a big carabiner hook on my keys and I literally always hook it on my purse or on my pants. Every bag I make will get one. In addition I added to more rings inside to be able to attach a smaller bag/sidepocket to it as a bag organizer. It is still in the planning stage, but the big bag is ready to be used.


  1. Die Stoffe sehen klasse aus - and really, they are brighten up the neighbourhood. Ich seh schon ihr seid sehr fleissig mit dem Nähen......

  2. Cute! I love having cute, matching, handmade bags and wallets!

  3. Where do you purchase your snaps? I have been looking for some online and can't find them.

  4. love love love ove your clothesline..and photos too of course..but your clothesline...well it speaks to me lol



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