Monday, May 9, 2011

a few more pictures from saturday

Here are a few more pictures from the communion on Saturday afternoon for family and friends who have not been able to be there. A short video is posted in the previous post. soren was actually behaving pretty good during the long service, too, even he really wanted to go over to Chiara.

-Soren & Chiara before church -

- Bella & Chiara after church -

- Father Jim & Chiara -

- Soren -

- Ben & Chiara at the reception in the social hall. -
They are friends since pre-k, age 3, now age 8. That is a long time for these two military kids.

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  1. Congrats to Chiara! She looks so cute! Our nephew had his first communion at St. Thomas More this weekend too. And another friend's nephew had his first communion over in Round Rock.

    I had no idea that this weekend was THE weekend for 1st communions. :)



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