Friday, June 3, 2011

school is out now - luckily

These pictures are truly lacking. But it was really late this am when I finished the teachers' presents the kids wanted to bring to school this morning. I thought I started early enough, but the week ended up being so busy and I lieterally  couldn't hold a needle in the evening. Just like right. I am just waiting for end of the movie the kids are watching trying to keep my eyes open.  

I admit even yesterday evening I got a late start. The kids wanted to go to the TASK pool party from their school in the evening and spend some more time with their friends. some they might not see much anymore with the new rezoning again and required school change for all three of mine next year. So while the cupcakes baked in the oven for Soren's class after I got one grocery tote done after the other. Bella asked that we also add a snap for closure which fits well. She picked the blue one for he teacher and Chiare thinks her teacher loves purple. We know Soren's teacher's favorite color is orange and for Mrs. Fox. the aid in his room, who had all three Bissell monsters in pre-k, roses to keep. We hope they have some use for it when going grocery shopping.

6.19 am - 24 cupcakes were dipped in icing and outfitted with sprinkles as sweet snack for Soren's class. At that point the whole class probably or more definately needed sugar including the teachers and got pre birthday cupcakes because - school will be out on his birthday next week and it was a reason to spoil the little rugrats on more time. 

Ready for the very last trip to this school and not just for the summer. There will be lots of Good-Byes and I miss you! Call me! We are not moving. However this chapter is closed and another will open as many more too come.

But everybody is ready for the summer.

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