Friday, June 24, 2011

lampions in style :: made of fabric

Karin came with a handwritten pattern of simple lampion and a sample of tiered fabric lampion - probably made in china. We talked about trying to make both before she even set foot on the plane here. However we didn't really have much time for sewing this visit. With the kids home on summer break, appointments and other responsibilities time was short. After all we also had to go fabric shopping first to find the right colors for our prototypes.
We choose very different colors and patterns of fabric. Karin went with greens and blues fitting to her living room, mine were matched to the girls rooms with purple and green wall color. However I am not sure if I really can give my prototype up as planned.

The first step took a long time - the zigzag border which was needed twice and made by hand and handsewing.

The next steps were a little faster but we seriously had to make lots of breaks to get some pool time and swimming and a little bit of tan for Karin. Eventually both our first attempts of lampions came together and we love the result. I don't think you necessarily need the light inside, because even without they look pretty neat. I just picked up two cords with the light attachment on a shopping trip earlier this year to Ikea for 99 cents each. I knew I could use them for something.

No there's just the question if one of us is actually making a tiered lampion sometime. We do not have a pattern for that idea, just a simple ebay bought sample and a few pictures online. So here we need lots of planning and measuring out to make it work. Or I could simply wait until Karin did it. :)

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  1. Die Teile sehen schon super aus. Meiner Mom gefallen sie auch. Wie du willst mit der Anleitung auf mich warten?!?! LOL - ich dachte ich lass dich mal machen - hahahahaha - na schau mer mal wer sich zuerst dran wagt ;-)



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