Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pirate Birthday Splash

Mmmh ...okay ... it's already a little while ago ... June 12th.  Soren was so excited and couldn't wait for HIS special day to come and for his PIRATE PARTY. We and EVRYBODY who crossed his way got to hear it.

He got to open his presents from Oma & Opa, Karin, Daddy and us in the morning at the coffee table.

Little and big pirates arrived for the party and with swim wear as planned. Not planned was the ear infection diagnosed a day previous with the birthday boy and not use of the pool for him for a week and the another week and more days literally tomorrow will be his first day again sadly.

So besides the waterslide we already had set up and the itty bitty pool for the tiny visitors, we had to come with something else, because the birthday boy of course kept whining he wanted to go in the pool and was not content staying out.

But what are friends for ...

Thanks Hanks for helping me out and hopping in the first box.

By the way they stayed in their boxes most of the afternoon and did not give them up. lol

Except for some ugly mishaped pirate cupcakes, but luckily Soren okayed them.

Most important - lots of friends - and a few presents, too. Thank You.

And back to the water.

Seriously what else can you do at these temperatures here in Texas and really have fun. :)


  1. I still hear Soren "WOWs" while unpacked his presents.

  2. Wow! That's what I call fun. Indeed a pirate birthday party!



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