Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What don't you do for potty training?

Mmmh. That is definitely still the BIG question here in the house.

We are trying everything imaginable to convince Soren that using the potty is a good idea, but most of the time he cares less. There are exceptions, there are fits and there are also small successfull events in between.

I know you are supposed to wait until your child shows the signs of being ready. BUT we do have asmart child that just doesn't really want to talk much, but more act, so we try it anyway. Also it would be quite useful for signing him up for school in fall which he would have a blast to go to.

Soren truly is a copy cat. Also regarding potty IF there is a kid his size visiting. He tries, he really does. So school should help, and we could just wait - except bathroom visit are only alone possible not copying there.

We are working with incentives from stickers to candy and besides our already existing collections of potties we added one more. Persoanl selected by him at the store. He even would have bought two believe me, he loved the frog one, green, big, but we do already have two that sit one the floor. Now he picked a CARS seat that you add on top, just like the big kids and he loves that piece. He literally was driving it through the store and so busy with it thathe ran everybody over. But happily and how could anybody be mad at him if he was all happy because of a potty seat!!!

Yesterday I let him pick some more underwear which we try to use at home, i refuse to use pull-ups if necessary because I don't really see the sense or the difference  as of a diaper in it. Perhabs if we still need to by school start, but after Diego underwear can not be found anymore he went with CHOU-CHOU a la Thomas. He knows what he is supposed to do with it, but still needs help and lots of practise to put it on and off by himself, but his own version works quickly all by himself.

Luckily it's summer and we can just use underwear outside in the yard for practising, but we take any tip and trick with this little stinker.

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