Monday, May 24, 2010

I want to eat you up!

Barely a few days passed after Bella's science project was finished and brought to school that Chiara comes home with an empty shoebox in her arms. "I have to make an ocean in the shoebox!" And she kept babbling some more about rainforests and other zones and .... I had no clue what she was talking about what was she was supposed to do. "Chiara, do you have a paper in your folder?"

Eventually I got the note and learnt she was supposed to pick a zone and make a diorama. Aaah. What the heck is a diorama exactly? I never heard that word before. And my third grader never talked about it before neither so this was definately new for me. But after tackling a science project for Bella we can whisk up a ocean diorama, can't we?

Day One: Lots of blue paint sounds like fun, so the first afternoon Chiara was just painting away and deciding which way to turn her shoebox.

Day Two: Oceanfloor was on the program. We have no more sand in the yard, but we have a gravel driveway and don't our kids love rocks and dust. There you go. Lots of Elmer's Glue a paint brush,dust and rocks, a kid having funmessing around and not forgetting to add the toddler help made the groundwork.

Then again as always 'GOOGLE'. Seriously what would I do without google. So thanks to google. Because otherwise your phone might be ringing of the hook me asking hundreds of questions all the time.

Day Three: Now the diorama need something else. We could have gone really elaborate especially as much as we all love crafting, but it was Chiara's project and should reflect her imgination and work. So Bella and me were the helpers and Chiara was in charge about what to add and get done in the shoebox.

If you look closely at the shark on top which I truly think turned out AWESOME. He has some similarity with the one in the book "Commotion in the Ocean", even the eyes. LOL. Instead of just cutting or printing out the creatures and plants Chiara wanted she drew them. They all have personality. And are very colorful. But the book gave her ideas and prevented the whining and 'I don't know how'.

Chiara decided when she was done and now all that is left is the transport to school. We used LOTS of glue, but all the glue in the world might not make this shoebox survive a second trip on the school bus tomorrow so the mom taxi has to be called in service.


Besides working on school projects and in the yard we also had many cooks in the kitchen one evening. Just wondering when too many cooks are too much?

Try to crack an egg in house alone. Or even making scrambled eggs by yourself.

Sorry you are out of luck. Too many cooks. 

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  1. We were happy to see that our book, Commotion in the Ocean provided a little bit of inspiration for your daughter's project! We posted your blog on our facebook page. Are you a fan yet?
    Elizabeth Bennett
    tiger tales



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