Friday, May 21, 2010

What to do this summer?

I could easily say -  DON'T EVEN ASK! - just because I have a to do list longer as I even can imagine,

but there is this tiny little word but

that makes the BIG difference.

We are pretty much staying home this year. In our own home. All of us. That is the very first. We do have lots to do. We do not know when all of us are off, but if we get the chance we might take off for a day or two or just be lazy at home. That might turn out wonderful or it will turn us all insane having three kids home nonstop.

So my head already starts spinning and thinking and collecting ideas.


I have three fun and creative kids and  crafty project can keep them busy. They are always up for exploring and of course for everything that has to do with ice cream, candy and water.

If you keep following me here you might find the links to ideas I find and  get to see what we do or I will have to put up with if I want to or. I try just to enjoy it, they are in a fun age and they do grow so fast and who knows what will be going on next summer.

So I decided this year is going to be an awesome summer.

Hot, wet, colorful and lots of fun. 

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