Saturday, May 22, 2010

Summer plans in the Making

The girls are already having all kinds of crazy ideas for summer. Small ones and big ones. Some you really just can shake your head and tell them right away you are totally nuts and others I just "OK, we can do that." And they look at me with disbelief. and start grinning after a moment. Silly girls.

For the hot days to come we might take off to the lake for a few hours. It's a little way to drive, but the a couple feet of itty bitty pool we just can put up here this year just don't do it for really cooling off. But i regard for safety of our curious toddler we are not even considering getting a bigger pool. We finally got a fence up to keep him locked in the backyard, so we are not locking him out of the back yard because of a pool. And lounging at the lake, feeling the water splashing at you and a light breeze sounds just like vacation. For that we drive the extra miles.

But there will be other hot afternoons that need some activities for indoors when the kids don't think SIESTA is the best idea.


Kathy Barbo's website is filled Art Project for Kids of all grades. These are more artsy and not just crafty and a little different. Some of the projects are similar to works of great artists and gives the kids to learn more about them, too. And just as a little add on  - usually you don't need much for these project and there is not much of a mess neither.

You might have quiet working kids as I can imagine Bella by herself or all giggling, noisy, silly ones as soon as Chiara is around, too.

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