Sunday, May 16, 2010

Late Night Review

When was the last time you watched Dirty Dancing or better the first time? Long time ago? It is running on TV right now and I came across it just by accident, but it is one of those old movies that can always run even you know exactly what comes next. Hard to believe I was just a teenager and this was the first recorded movie I once had and that the actor already passed away. I am getting old.

I had no intentions of writing a word about Dirty Dancing when I pressed 'New Post', but more about our day in Austin and about. A whole lot of crazy traffic. But that was not the reason why it took us a lot longer to get to Austin's First Renegade's Craft Fair. We simply stopped in Georgetown to feed three hungry tummies before heading into downtown Austin. It was a good idea, the kids were fed and in a good mood loving already the downtown sight and skyscrapers and finding neat houses on the way to the palmer event center.

We country bumpkins love big buildings and traffic, too, as long as it is not in Cove or Killeen (the traffic).

The Renegade Fair was big and had all kinds of interesting booths and shops and artists and I would have loved to explore them more as just by looking them over, but with all three kids in tow or ahead of me or better having them all close it is kind of hard, so we did what we could and just enjoyed it as we could.

We tried out all the crafts - had to - because this we you get MY kids hooked to a fair like that, they made mini buntings out of fabric all three of them, decorated wood - and Soren was all into it! We tried screen printing from the Stitch Lab and took OldSchool Pictures and started and ended with the Photo Booths.

That were just the activities. These already gave us ideas for future birthday parties, so who needs Chuckie Cheeses?

The artists there had beautiful items for sale, gorgeous. Neat ideas. But you just have to see for yourself. Tomorrow is still time.

These were two silly girls today.

On the way back we stopped in Roundrock and ate dinner outside. We were the only once sitting outside on that beautiful evening. We must be crazy not choosing the cold A/C inside when there is a beautiful breeze out on a patio and especially with kids. The girls begged for dessert and me for a stroll through Ikea next door. DEAL. The girls had the Ikea "raod map" and Soren jumped full of energy from one arrow to the next, so there was no way to get lost on out way through the store. The parking lot was a different question. LOL

 And that was left was driving home into the sunset.

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