Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pictured Grocery Tour Today

Today was one of those days when only half of the things you plan work out. Our day was packed with appointments starting with Soren's speech therapy, my lab visit at the hospital on post and already there we were struggling. If it takes you almost half an our to find an parking spot just to drag your toddler inside a hospital and get poke with the needle your motivation is leaving you. Finding out that the parking spot search was for nothing because  you ar enot in the computer in the sustem is down and the doctor not present doesn't help the fact that you are supposed to repeat all of it on Monday again.

Now I was still supposed to drag a toddler through the grocery store. Fun time. I don't think either Soren nor me were looking forward to it. But we did need a few items.

So of we went and did get a parking spot in front of the BIGGEST grocery store in the area.

Lately I really try to improve my photography skills and also to shoot in manual mode and read and learn more, not this morning. This morning I turned on the AUTO mode and it was time for Snap Shots.

Welcome to the comissary!

Soren of course wanted the BIGGEST shopping cart, surprising in the color red not blue which is his favorite. He seriously wanted to be buckled in for about three minutes. It was not even worth the trouble adjusting the buckles for this big kid.

I had no intentions on weighing any of the fruits or vegetables, but Soren did, once and twice almost all of them. I let the cashier doing it, but Mr. Soren thought it was just too cool. Now if he would eat all the produce he weight I would think it would be really cool.

Since our last visit in the comissary the hopscotch is must there. We didn't get a complain yet, when we do it and if then for heaven's sake remove it from the floor. If you put it there you have to use it, RIGHT?

Break or just impossible to ride the correct way in a shopping cart? Have your own guess. but I could give you the answer if you want to.

That's a special picture for all my German visitor: Do you see how much the want for Wienerle and that out of a jar? Might be normal or not I rather wait until I get fresh ones from the butcher to enjoy or just keep passing buy as always or taking pictures and have people laughing at me.

There's my little helper again. He was busy with jars today throwing more as I wanted into shopping cart and busy putting the same chicken bouillon can over and over on the register band. It would have never reach the cashier without intervention. lol

The comissary has baggers, no matter if you want or not that bag your stuff. You actually have to insist if not to, but they bag your groceries and cart it out to your car and pack it into your trunk and you pay them a tip.
Yes, I rather would do it myself and save the money, but it is there only payment and sometimes you are happy when you don't have to deal with it when you have a running toddler. Now Soren is older he is helping packing and loading the bags. Once a while depending on the bagger he is getting a ride on the cart to the car hanging on and the always taking over the payment job. Luckily he was happy just getting a snack in the car and didn't ask getting paid himself after all his help.

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  1. Sören ist ja schon wieder grösser geworden - gibs zu, er ist genmanipuliert ;-) ein bisschen Spass hat einkaufen doch gemacht - tolle Bilder.



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