Friday, April 16, 2010

Bug Chasing

Yesterday afternoon it started raining and truly I don't mind. I LOVE it. I miss that we don't have real patio doors to open up or a covered patio, but that might be different someday. Something is already different, the space in our garage, we got huge shelves to ger everything better organize, hopefully less cluttered, too, eventually and yesterday we cleaned everything in between. Perfect timing.

Because right now I am sitting comfy on the old couch in the garage with the wide open door while Soren is a happy bug chasing boy in the driveway. Everything wet even it stopped raining for now, the birds are chirping and the bugs are our and rolly pollies everywhere, he is in heaven.

Just two days ago I talk with my mom that we should get him a little insext box with magnifing glass and Leland and I mentioned it this morning when we watched him. Then I remembered that I do not need to wait until I get into town to the dollar store or Wal-Mart for the little bit better ones, but that I already had something like it as a gift set I once bought at the Disney store fora gift just in case, because it was neat and you know, I am up for a bargain and need one or two present for parties in petto.

And there it was a whole gift set with binocolars, insect box with magnifing glass, net, twizzers, flash ligh, whizzle, tools, ... - Soren was all equipped, happy, busy, NOT WHINING, what a change to yesterdays little monster.

The pictures are cricket, the sun is not shining, we are still in PJs, but the day is as perfect as it is.
I LOVE rainy days.

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  1. Hört sich nach einem gemütlichen Morgen an ;-)



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