Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sunny Saturday - Part One

Today was the Spring Carnival at Bella's and Chiara's school with lots of activities, food, silent auction, ..... . Of course till right before Spring Break they had hardly any volunteers and Heidi got me to do Facepainting there. So I packed my supplies and Soren up this morning and headed to school. The girls came sometime later with Leland in tow. If I am doin glots of dacepainting from cats, mice, spiderwebs, princess faces, and whatever the kids asked for then Soren gets his first facepaint, too. It's just tiny put he did end up with a little blue mouse face. LOL. It just had to be.

Soren was not really excited to stay with me at the facepainting booth (until we got ready to leave then he found the table legs and empty paint boxes. LOL) So Mrs. Fox, Chiara's pre-k teacher aid strolled with him through the carnival.

Who says anybody is ever too old for rubber duckies, especially if you can win tickets?


  1. Hey Nicole. I hadn't seen the blog in a while but I love the pics as usual!! The girls are beautiful and Soren is as cute as ever. I love seeing two or more babies together. The kids looked like they were having fun and I am so jealous of your weather.

  2. Pauline, just wait till I get to Part Two with all the pics and videos from yesterday and today that include lots of sun and water. LOL

  3. Oh man Nicole your kids are SO beautiful! The pics of the girls on the ponnies are wonderful!



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