Saturday, April 12, 2008

Soren is 10 months old

It is crazy how fast the time passed.

Soren is 10 months old today.

He is growing up so fast and the I am wondering where our baby is? But there are still so many milestones to hit, so many things to learn and so many changes to come.

Let's see what's going on with him:

  • he is about 30 inches tall (perhabs even more by now)

  • he weighs in at 27 pounds (he is a BIG boy)

  • he has four teeth

  • he is still nursing like a champ

  • he drinks water and fennel tea

  • he eats baby food homemade or out of the jar and tablefood

  • he loves German baby cookies (thanks Karin) and fruit and veggie puffs

  • he sits up very well

  • he is rolling over and turning like crazy

  • and started crawling two days ago (YEAH)

  • he starts pulling himself up on his knees

  • and on his feet if you hold his hands

  • he can walk if you hold on if he wants to

  • he rides his car backwards

  • he can hold his tea bottle by himself

  • and can drink from a straw

  • he says rrrrraaaaaaaaaaa, argh and gaga
  • he claps and waves

  • he loves toys with strings,

  • but his favorites are still remote, cell phone and keys

  • he smiles a lot and is a big flirt

  • he has his sisters twisted around his little finger and they crack him up

  • he loves books

  • he and Mohrli (the cat) take naps together in his crib

  • he HATES the penguin toy

  • he does NOT like it when I try to sat him down on the living room floor

  • he does NOT like when I leave the room and

  • he does NOT like diaper changes


  1. Oh, aren't the diaper changes FUN when they start rolling over and trying to crawl away? :)

  2. Nailah will try to twist and turn during diaper change and its so tiring :) Btw Nicole,you take great pics! Love the one with Soren on the weighing scale.

  3. Nailah will try to twist and turn during diaper change and its so tiring:) Btw Nicole,you take great pics. Love the one with Soren on the weighing scale:)



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