Friday, April 11, 2008

Letzte Woche - Last Week

It was a busy week, it started with helping Aniko moving in her apartment Monday and Tuesday. It's a cute little place and Gabriel, Soren and Delany tested all of Gabriel's toys on Wednesday morning.
We said good-bye to Shyana and Mia who moved out of the house next to us.

Mondays and Wednesday after school the girls went tumbling, Soren decided the gym was the perfect place to throw up all of his food intake of that day on Monday and was sick the rest of that and the next day with temperature and quite clingy.
Thursday Bella had her fieldtrip to the planetarium in Waco, of course I thought she would learn more about stars and the solarsystem, nada, wales and ocean ... Soren visited his playgroup friends in the morning and in the afternoon all the kids hung out with me in the garage or outside while I tried to sort out the garage and to get rid of a few unnessary things. A little bit successful, bathroom shelf, some clothes and the infant car seat are sold and the thrash can is pretty much filled up. Everything is stacked somewhere and you are physical able to enter our garage again and find the way to the backdoor, not just the cats. The rest is Leland's stuff or has to wait until I start packing up.

In the evening Soren started to crawl. He actually knows how to do it. LOL. So he also can sit up by himself. He still has to practise his crawling skills to perfect them, but it is a start. Our lazy bug also figured out to hold his bottle all himself even when he is sitting up.

Soren and Mohrli Midnight are new nap pals now. They both sleep in Soren's bed together and the cat doesn't care if he digs his toes in him, pulls his fur or kicks him. Even if he lays on top off him he hardly moves until he pulls his tail. I am just amazed. And remeber that is the cat who tries to bite Chiara if she just looks at him or sits close to him once a while. LOL.

It's Friday evening now and we are all quite tired (the girls are an exception), Soren kept us up most of the night just screaming and coughing (right this moment he is getting fed with veggy puffs to keep him away from the keyboard). So that bug kept on sleeping this morning and had about six naps already today. He does feel horrible and coughs really bad, but I guess veggy puffs just make the world better. Besides that he is just really crabby.

The girls had early out today and brought a little friend home, plus another friend turned the whole backyard into squeaking, screaming, laughing, giggling, ..... LOUD - typical girls. Leland joined them on the trampline and it was hillarious to watch. I could not resist taping into, but you have to wait until I get to post it.

My calendar fell off the wall and I didn't get to note everything down on it for next week, but I have the feeling that this weekend and most off the next week is already booked. Nothing new.

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  1. Well, you are right about the 2nd and 3rd set of pics. You really made me jealous and the kids are so cute. I love the video with Soren and it looks like sissy is having fun with him too.

    I also just loved that the cat sleeps with Soren, it seems so sweet. I bet the cat loves the warmth. Sorry that everyone was sick, I hope that you all feel better!



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