Friday, April 18, 2008

Another Day - Another Post

The girls had a student holiday today so it was nice that we all (minus Leland) could sleep in and didn't have to stress getting ready this morning. Chiara was also feeling fine again. Soren was a little crab, so we went to the store to get few items and came back home noticing that I forgot one major ingredient which I never have in the house to complete my first attempt in cake decorating. Well, after the cake was already baked (not perfect, but it was only a practise one for fun) and had the frosting on, it just had to wait until later.

It was nice in the afternoon, Soren was still a crab, so we decided to head for the park. He is always happier outside the house. The girls took the scooters and after stopping at a friend's place, we walked a long way to the park. You have to use the nice days because it will get hot here pretty soon.

In between I took my first maternity pictures from a new mom-to-be . We didn't plan on and only for a couple minutes. Tomorrow we will do some outdoor shots with the dad-to-be, too. If you want to take look. You are welcome. MATERNITY PHOTOS

On our way back home I did NOT forget the missing ingredient and at home after already having a messy kitchen and dinner prepped (and at least five loads of laundry waiting) I tried to make my first fondant. I used marshmellows, because if I already go through all the trouble and work it should at least have a taste, too. It is a sticky mess, I tell you, but it looked like fondant in the end. (I am still soaking the bowl in the sink to clean.) It took more time to get a few different colors. I never ever used fondant before, but it is pretty much like play dough and you actually can snack on it. After rolling, shaping, .... we ended up with a small decorated cake, it is in no way perfect but I just tried to see if it works out at all, so all the little balls around are quite different sizes and I do have another week to practise or get a good idea for a nice looking cake for the upcoming babyshower. BUT my girls are really sweet and all excited about the cake and like it.

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