Wednesday, April 16, 2008

!Correction! - LOL

We had to visit the peditrician yesterday and of course as always the weigh and measure him. Odd as it is at his sick visits and well baby visits they use different scales and the sick visit measurements always seem to be a little (I am not surprise if you weigh him with all his clothes and wet diaper!)

But to correct our 10 months post:

Soren is weighing 29 pounds and is 31.5 inches tall. So he keeps growing and growing. LOL

He is feeling better so he started to crawl more and more and now figured out that he does not have to stay in spot anymore. Even we plan on moving in two months we have to continue babyproofing this place even more now. I already caught him today trying to sample the cat (dry) food. It looks like little snacks so I can't blame him trying. LOL.

He makes it all the way from our bedroom to the other end of the hallway and then had a hard time in which room to continue. The cat passed by him into the bathroom so that was very tempting, Daddy was in his messy computer room - always a chance to dig in something to make Daddy jump to rescue, or following me into the girls' room. So after half in the computer room he changed his mind to go for the girls' toys, he loves their room. It's just the question how much the girls will love to have Soren messing things in their room up? LOL

But I DO love seeing him crawl, he is not so frustrating being stuck in one spot anymore and it's just too cute with his butt in the air, especially when he comes towards you with his big smile because he knows he can.

Here are the latest photos of our little bugger. Enjoy them.

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