Thursday, July 8, 2010

Three drown little rats and a soaked puppy ...

How much fun is it to garden in the rain?

Everytime there is a drop of rain falling from the sky, I have two girls coming running and begging "Can we put our bathing suits on and run in the rain?"

Today by the time we opened the door we saw that it had rained during the night, it was not extremely hot yet, so all four of us put old clothes and the kids and puppy played and helped in the yard and testing our driveway. It was sprinkling in between, but compared to the times when the sun burns down that felt like heaven.

We spread our first ready compost in the yard mixed with some more topsoil and discovered that the small honeysuckle plant along the fence line already has its first orange blooms soon to open. By then in stared raining. Soren and Chiara used the little play house as shelter and started stetting it up with floor mats and filling the "fridge" with drinks.

By the time the were ready to come inside I had three drown little rats and a soaked puppy who is crazy about water and even tries to take a bath in his tiny water bowl. Hopefully she had enough of splashing for the day, too.

By now it is pouring like buckets outside and that's perfectly fine with me. At least we do not have to water the yard today.

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