Monday, July 19, 2010

A dip and a splash

That's a quick snap picture from soren in the kiddie pool splashing when I took the camera once. I don't really get the chance to take pictures ay the pool because Soren can't sit still for more as a second when he is at the pool and always  is about to fall in the pool of you don't hold tight onto him or feed him a snack. So the safest spot is in the pool with him, but  even this big life vest or his arm floaties did not keep our big guy above water so I had 47 pounds hanging on my neck and bouncing of me when he was not on the waterslide.

Yesterday while the girls were non stop sliding Soren finally figured out that he can float and swim with his arm floaties by himself and if he closes his mouth and stops shrieking he won't even drink the pool water neither. He did awesome. And he had such a blast, si we easily could skip the kiddie pool.

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