Sunday, July 18, 2010

One HOT Saturday in Texas

Do you know something blue, something red, something yellow, something orange, all big and fuzzy?

I can name the Cookie Monster, by now also Elmo and Big Bird and that only after seeing three Sesamestreet shows. I never favorite the show as a kid, so somehow we never really have it running on TV very often here neither. But  somehow we went to see a show in Austin before Soren was part of my threesome and since then Sesamestreet came now the second time to Ft. Hood for a small show and we got to see them for free yesterday. The pricewas leaving the house in the HEAT and leaving the air conditioning. It is hot here. And standing in line is crazy. Some people were smart and just brought umbrellas and you saw them popping up in all colors.


After our outing Soren and Chiara found a "hopper" (Soren) named "Grassi" (Chiara) which was right away adopted as pet. You have to be warned in our yard NOTHING is SAFE. No bug or rollipolli from Soren, no grasshopper from Chiara, no cat from the catbird - oh man that is truly entertaining watching them chasing the cats - no flipflop from the dog - SO BEWARE.

Do you want to see the BIGGEST hopper ever from close up? Come closer.

Soren was not really good sports sporting his new t-shirt extra large, not even with his popsicle. But, well, that's life. At least he likes his new t-shirt which we got finished last minute for our little Saturday outing and finallt he at least tried to say his name. Usually when I aske him who he is, he says ' BOY'. We already uograded from 'BABY' to 'BOY'. Perhaps we until school start he will say Soren. Stubborn stinker.

Now of course I have two more request for shirt with names - the sisters. We made one for Neva for her birthday and also put the same applique of her name on a small jeans purse. It is quite easy and I love how it turned out for Soren. It just took me forever to get started and then to make up my mond what type of font I wanted to use. Next step is to give my machine a overhaul as soon as possible, it seriously needs to be serviced again. 

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