Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Soldier's Show on Ft. Hood

On Thursday while driving through poste to get to the lake I got reminded by the signs posted that I promised Bella that I take them to the Soldier's Show the week following the Sesamestreet program. Sesametreet was cute, but really only for little ones and she was quite bored there. The Soldier's Show was supposed to be musical 'Entertainment from Soldiers for Soldiers and Families'. I wasn't sure if it was okay for their ages yet, but I thought, perhabs I should check it out and being told it was family friendly, okay I intended on keeping my promised. Except my mind is like Swiss cheese and I keep forgetting everthing and by the time we got to go go it was the last day the show was going on. But we made it. Just on time when the lights went out and trying to find seats in the pitch black dark with three kids in tow who want to go in three different directions.

But the girls were already happy when the music started with the favorite songs which usually blasting out of the radio all the time and didn't mind to hear some classics, too. Soren had a hard time to keep his butt on the chair, how can you with music playing, so he got to see some really really close.

Overall, the is a unisome decision made if both shows should come back to Ft. Hood we skip Sesamestreet, but will try to see these Soldiers again. Well done. We enjoyed the show.

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