Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oops - its a while and Soren is 3 now

There is not much to say about the fact that I didn't blog much since the beginning of the month. I just didn't get to it as to many other things in my life.

My garage is still waiting for the finishing clean up, too. I started until it got just way too hot.

So what did we do?

We dug holes. Lots of holes. For trees and bushes and trying to get them to survive them in Texas clay.
We are making our own good dirt by recycling and having a compost.
We are simply working on our yard to making in enjoyable, not  just being  a plain square with gras that needs a huge a mount of water a not a bit  of shade,
We finally had shade. OMG. It was awesome while it lasted. We just picked the shade cover up from the roof and the power lines and folded and squeezed it back together. That was the shade part. Back to no shade.

We are farmsitting and having no luck in the chicken pen. Death toll: 2. Reason: Unknown. Snake? Illness? Boredom?

In between we had a birthday party and  our baby boy is THREE now and tiny is totally out of the question as you always could see. But he still LOVES Diego, airplanes, cars and his bike and his puppy. Is silly and crazy and loves his sisters.

We also got a little crafty, took pictures, went swimming once or twice and are now enjying the downpour outside. More to come. I am talking about the rain, perhabs more blogging to.

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