Friday, July 23, 2010

One LAZY day - naja

You can try to call that way. The day was a day with no appointments. No important errands that had to be done. So we decided to take a whole day off to go to the lake and were hoping that it wouldn't be packed there like at the beginning off the summer.

So, two moms packed five kids, two ice boxes filled with food, drinks, snacks, towels, sunscreens, airmatress, floaties, sand toys, goggles, .... and lots of noise in the van in the morning and all fit in. Including the noise and the gettting into each other hair and we got on the road. It's a pretty short road trip, just through the the town, and through the whole post and another 10 miles and how often did we hear "ARE WE THERE YET?"

They hardly could wait to get their feet into the sand and to let their toes to touch the water. The kids had a blast. the two little ones just as the big ones. Barely to get out of the water. The swam, the floated, the dived. The swallowed some extra water - tja, can't be helped when you have to sing in the water. And the dug in the MUD. Yes, you get the mud bath for free there. And with out kids even applied and not just on your arms and legs also in your face and in your hair.

All of them love rock collections. Especially the ones from deep in the water and as bigger as better. I think we managed to come home with NO rocks this time, but who knows if we had a secret smuggler in the midle of us or not.

Tina had the great idea of bringing all the ingredients to make "sunshine smores" and the kids loved the idea. It was messy, but there's enough water for clean up.

At the end we even decided to check out the slide and the car wash before heading home.
That's a way to enjoy summer minus the sunburn.

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  1. That sounds like a perfect day to spend with the kids especially when it is scorching hot outside. I loved Tina's idea of sunshine smores. I'll let my kids do that one time. :)



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