Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Soren's First Haircut

This little bugger is such a pro in getting a haircut! LOL

Soren was and still is sick, and especially fussy and clingy when we are inside at any house. Outside everything that bugs him is forgotten.

So on Monday I got a last minute appointment for him at the ped and no he is not getting any meds, nothing to do to help a virus infection much, but on our way home I thought it might be agood timing for my little bit quieter as normal baby boy to get his hair trimmed which already hot in his eyes.

So we stopped at Leland's barber shop lady we already met before and waited for his turn while he was pretty happy, no sign of being sick, played with water fountain, tried to catch Bingo, the dog and we got to hold itty bitty five week old kittens. Cute little things.

Then it was his turn and we thought we giveit a try to just sit him in the chair by himself. If I would have used the video camera it would have been a pretty boring movie. He sat there, once a while leaned his head a little bit more left or right and just sat there without making a sound, not even wiggling!

I have no clue about boy's hair cuts, but being in this community, I specifially said, please trim it and no military haircut. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

So after getting his hair trimmed, cut with scissors and razor Soren does surely not look like a baby anymore, besides the pacifier - but excuse it, he is sick - .

I think we still ended up with a pretty much a military haircut, just not so short, but cute.

Es ist schon ein bisschen spaet um das ganze in deutsch zu schreiben, dafuer gibt es aber jetzt Fotos.

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